The Valorisation Training Programme

Unlock the value of your STEM research

Join the free training programme for STEM researchers who want to create societal impact from their work.

October - December, 2022

About the programme

The STEM_Valorise Researcher Training is a 6-week programme which will help you extend the reach of your STEM research beyond academia. The programme will take place in a blended format with some activities arranged online and others in-person.

Through taking part in the programme’s international workshops, seminars and networking, you will learn:

The definition of STEM valorisation and why you should integrate it into your research efforts

How to advance your research through external collaboration

How to think and act like an entrepreneur

How STEM research should be assessed and prioritised

How to scan your environment for assets to support valorisation

Who is this programme for?

Graduate students

conducting STEM research at a higher education institution or are affiliated with one.

*Two pathways are available for participants: (1) if you want to learn about what valorisation is and how it influences STEM research’s value to society, then the awareness pathway may be for you. (2) If you are planning or already have performed your own research, the valorisation pathway will provide more practical and applied support to achieving greater societal value from your research.

Why should you be involved in the STEM Researcher Training?

Find new opportunities for research collaboration and high-impact publications

Learn to translate your research expertise into solutions for real-life challenges

Be a pioneer in making use of STEM research results

Expand your network through connecting with like-minded researchers

Learn from real-life valorisation champions from across Europe and beyond

Research doesn't necessarily create value, be active and ensure your research does!

Two participation pathways

  Awareness Pathway Valorisation Pathway
Ideal participants Masters students and research support professionals that want to learn more about the concepts of research valorisation and impact creation Master students, PhD candidates, and post-doc candidates that have research results/projects with the potential to create societal impact
Focus Learn about the importance of valorisation and how it can be undertaken and supported Learn about the importance of valorisation and how it can be undertaken and supported. Additionally, you will be given tools to further develop a product or service and create a business model from your research, as well as communicate the value of what you have developed
Activities Workshops, seminars, networking
Time commitment (2 days a week every 2 weeks) 20 hours 26 hours

*STEM topics may include, but are not limited to, science (including life sciences, biology, physics), technology, engineering, mathematics.

**Undergraduate students are not eligible to participate

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