Valorisation Training Programme

Unlock the value of your STEM research

Join the free training programme for STEM researchers who want to create societal impact from their work.

October - December, 2022

About the programme

The STEM_Valorise Researcher Training is a 10-week programme which will help you extend the reach of your STEM research beyond academia. The programme will take place in a blended format with some activities arranged online and others in-person. Find out more from our brochure:

Who is this programme for?

Master’s, PhD, Post-doctorate students & early career researchers

conducting STEM research at a higher education institution or affiliated with a higher education institution.

Why should you participate?

Expand your network through connecting with like-minded researchers

Learn from real-life valorisation champions from across Europe and beyond

Learn to translate your research expertise into solutions for real-life challenges

Research doesn't necessarily create value, be active and ensure your research does!

What you will learn over the course of the programme

Through the STEM_Valorise Researcher Training you will learn to become a more impactful researcher. This programme will help you get your research off the shelf and into the world. A brief description of each module is outlined below:

*STEM topics may include, but are not limited to, science (including life sciences, biology, physics), technology, engineering, mathematics.

**We regret that undergraduate students are not eligible to participate

Interested? Download our programme schedule now!