Partner Meeting in Istanbul June 2022

At the beginning of June STEM Valorise partners had the pleasure of meeting one another face-to-face for the first time. After 1.5 years of working together, there was finally an opportunity to come together in person to work on the project. The two-day meeting was hosted by ITU GINOVA with all representatives from all four partner organisations in attendance.

Opportunity to co-create

This meeting provided the perfect opportunity discuss the training programme and partners discussed the training materials and the next steps of the project. Partners also took time to reflect on what valorisation meant to them and how the STEM Valorise project could raise awareness on the topic. The consortium demonstrated its value as a diverse and engaged cluster of experts, with the different organisations bring in their own professional and academic viewpoints.

The partners from ITU GINOVA brought their expertise in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education to the discussion, while IMTBS partners display a deep knowledge of academic valorisation and impact creation. UIIN is a leader in university collaboration with external partners and MTU partners are practicing professionals in STEM disciplines and  were able to see the needs of project’s target groups clearly.

The value of meeting face-to-face

While the era of digital meetings is certainly here to stay, the value of meeting in the same room was clear. Discussions were livelier and participants were more engaged in the conversation than ever before. In getting to know one another better the partners were also able to see things from one another’s point of view. An exchange of ideas, professional knowledge and cultures (academic and otherwise), created a well-rounded and holistic picture of what the consortium hopes to achieve through this project.

The visit to Istanbul was more than just a formal occasion to discuss the STEM Valorise project. As the hosts, ITU GINOVA partners organised a tour for their visitors around Istanbul were the rich history of the city was explained. This was followed by a dinner where partners were able to sit down and reflect on the achievements of the day. Beyond the project, personal academic & professional interests were discussed as well as potential ideas for future collaborations in Erasmus+ funded projects.

Next steps

The next actions for Valorisation Training Programme are now in motion and the consortium is finalising the outline and content of the pilot test. The STEM Valorise consortium looks forward to welcoming the first cohort of the STEM Valorisation Training Programme, and helping these researchers gain a better understanding of how they can valorise their research and what their valorisation journey will look like.

Finally, we are grateful to our hosts, ITU GINOVA for facilitating a successful and valuable meeting.