Newsletter – Issue 4

STEM PROJECT | E-ZINE December 2022 – ISSUE 4


Welcome to the STEM Valorise e-zine

The STEM_Valorise project is in its final stretch. We have implemented a successful Valorisation Training Programme for STEM researchers who are interested in creating greater impact from their work (valorisation).

In this newsletter we want to highlight what research valorisation entails, researchers that are putting valorisation into practice, and reflect on the outcome of the training programme.

Insights into valorisation!


What Valorisation of STEM Research Entails

What is valorisation, how does it occur, and who is involved?


For a better understanding of what valorisation is, we will describe the process, cycle and main stakeholders in valorisation of STEM research.


The Valorisation Training Programme!


Training STEM Researchers for Impact

The STEM_Valorise Researcher Training was carried out over 10-weeks. The aim was to help academics to extend the reach of their STEM research beyond academia. Participants took part in international and local sessions, where they had the opportunity to learn about the concept of valorisation, as well as how to hone their own skills that will stand them in good stead to undertake their own valorisation journeys.


What our participants had to say

“The STEM Valorise course gave me an in-depth insight into the value that my research work can provide to society. The course also helped me understand the tools and skills required to increase the value of my work in the knowledge transfer and application of my research. The course was very engaging, with many opportunities to voice my own opinion or questions. I particularly appreciated the live workshop tasks in which I learned very useful skills such as in negotiation. The course introduced me to new perspectives on what it means to carry out research which I had not been aware of.”

Testimonial from a Valorisation Training programme participant based at at Munster Technological University

“‘Overall, it was an informative, interactive, and useful training course which enabled me to think bigger. I learned a lot how to valorise my product in terms of economic and marketing.‘”

Testimonial from a Valorisation Training programme participant

Lighthouse stories collection!


Hatice Köse

Dr Hatice Köse is the Director of Cognitive and Social Robot research group and Game and Interaction Technologies Laboratories at Istanbul Technical University. She has developed the first robotic sign language teacher in the world, as well as an effective robot assistant for disabled children.



Adla Kahrić

Adla Kahrić is a marine biologist from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Together with a team of scientists, she established Sharklab ADRIA, a centre for marine and freshwater biology, providing first data on marine biodiversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, filling data gaps, and contributing to her country and science.