Newsletter – Issue 3



Welcome to the STEM Valorise e-zine

The STEM_Valorise project has been running for more than a year and we are looking forward to sharing our progress and activities with you in this issue of our newsletter. Our Digital Gallery has been collated to showcase some of the champions of STEM valorisation. These champions serve as inspiration to any researchers that aspire to create value and impact from their work.

We will also be conducting our Valorisation Training Programme soon, with participants from Turkey, Ireland and France. More information coming soon!

Insights into valorisation!


Who are the Stakeholders in STEM Valorisation?

Valorisation does not occur in a vacuum, and one of the defining features of research valorisation is the role of stakeholders through out the process.

Here we delve into who the stakeholders that contribute and benefit from valorisation. To read more about valorisation, see our report here.



The Technology Transfer Office at Istanbul Technical University

The support organizations such as incubation centers, science parks, technology transfer offices, governmental bodies, and industrial associations have critical importance as the major enablers of STEM valorisation. Among them, technology transfer offices (TTO) have a special place in the entrepreneurship ecosystem of R&D, innovation and technological transformation in Turkey. Our field study revealed that the university-industry cooperation in Turkey has difficulties mainly due to different priorities of both parties. The establishment of TTOs has built the pathway for many academic research results to be commercialized efficiently. However, there are still gaps in the path towards valorisation in order to expand the research impact to broader society.


News from the project partners!

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Empowering STEM Researchers for Impact

June has been a busy month for the STEM_Valorise project. During the UIIN university-industry interaction conference, an event was held to raise awareness of the STEM_Valorise project and its outcomes so far. There was also a focus on general awareness raising about the concept of valorisation and its impacts.

Representatives from the consortium had the privilege of enjoying a face-to-face event with stakeholders and interested parties.



STEM Valorise Transnational Partner Meeting in Istanbul

On 6 & 7 June the STEM_Valorise consortium came together in Istanbul. Meeting in person for the first time, the team made great steps forward in further developing the Valorisation Training Programme. With ITU-Ginova as host of the meeting, the two days were filled with co-creation, collaboration and important discussions.

But it wasn’t all hard work, as this was also a time for partners to personally introduce themselves (in real life) and develop greater understanding of one another and the institutions which they represent.


Lighthouse stories collection!


Cyclotron Road Fellowship Programme, UC Berkley

As part of the STEM Valorise project, an Erasmus+ project helping a new generation of the first stage science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) researchers translate their research into real societal impact, UIIN had the honour of discussing the Cyclotron Road programme with Rachel Slaybaugh, the Division Director of Cyclotron Road since January 2021; about how the programme helps entrepreneurial scientists and engineers transform their projects for global impact.