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MTU is one of the largest higher education providers in Ireland (17,000 students) with a strong student-centred approach to education and research, and close links to our enterprise partners.  MTU Cork is comprised of two constituent Faculties of Engineering & Science and Business & Humanities and three constituent Colleges, MTU Crawford College of Art and Design, MTU Cork School of Music and the National Maritime College of Ireland located over four campuses. MTU Kerry has three principal schools, i.e. School of Business, Computing & Humanities, School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics and School of Health & Social Sciences across two campuses. The vibrant entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in MTU, is due to the commitment of MTU and the award winning MTU Entrepreneurship Team for their work in embedding Entrepreneurship across the university. Along with the Rubicon Business Incubation Centre, the Tom Crean Business Centre, the Nimbus Centre specialising in cyber physical and Internet of things,  the Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence, part of the School of Business, is an integral part of the MTU entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The Hincks supports entrepreneurship through cutting edge research, education and training activities supporting entrepreneurship and competency building. The Hincks Centre’s expertise, projects and research include the domains of: Education, Social, Female, and Agricultural Entrepreneurship, as well as the economics of innovation and design thinking. The Centre has an excellent record of project collaborations, as project lead and as partner, on National, European and Internationally co-funded projects including several where entrepreneurial training programs were developed.

We have a long history of close collaboration with industry and community partners and the Extended Campus was established in 2011 to provide a single point of contact and to facilitate the development of an integrated, university-wide approach to engagement.  We have developed a customer-relationship management system and a case management approach and have codified our partnership interactions to support good practice and evidencing of impact.  Our continuum of relationships spans across our teaching, learning and research activities with our enterprise partners planning a key role in ensuring that our graduates are work-ready with a broad range of transferrable as well as discipline specific skills.  Working with our employer partners provides our students with an important context for authentic learning as well as opportunities to apply their knowledge and we have very well developed policies and practices in recognition of prior learning and work-based learning. Our Enterprise Engagement and Experiential Learning Research Group has a proud record of project partnership and publications.

The Hincks Centre and MTU Extended Campus are delighted to be participating the STEM Valorise project. MTU is already well advanced towards embedding entrepreneurship through its disciplines and the project offers a further to deepen and share our knowledge, activities and experience in STEM fields in particular to increase value creation and impact. In particular, the MTU team are excited about developing an entrepreneurial training program specifically for early stage STEM researchers ensuring that they develop the necessary skills to optimise value from their research and to apply their findings in the practice domain yielding value for the researchers, the university and the region as a whole.   Within the project we will collaborate on all work packages.  We look forward to contributing to and benefitting from the collated case studies and experiences from across the consortium.  The development of the training programme and toolkit to support the development of entrepreneurship skills will allow us to draw on our expertise and, in particular, the pilot testing of the collaboratively developed programme at each partner university will lead rich data and we look forward to working closely with our partners in leading on that work package.


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