STEM Valorise

Erasmus+ project helping a new generation of the first stage STEM researchers translate their research into real societal impact

What do we mean by valorisation?

“The process of creating value from knowledge, by making knowledge suitable and / or available for economic and social utilisation and making it suitable for translation into competitive products, services, processes and new activities” (Dutch Associations of Universities - VSNU)

Arno Meerman

CEO, University Industry Innovation Network

“Early-career researchers are the future of our knowledge society. It are these young bright minds who can bridge the gap between university and society. With the right tools, skills and mindset they will be able to more effectively engage with industry, government and society to drive innovation. More collaborative and inclusive research will lead to stronger research outputs, better adoptability by society and industry and more university start-ups.”

Şebnem Burnaz

Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (GINOVA)

“We are passing through challenging times, surrounded with uncertainty and volatility. “Our passion for learning…is our tool for survival”, as Carl Sagan stated. We need new generations of STEM researchers to enhance our knowledge of the world, to engage in critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and to be able to transfer these knowledge and skill sets. So, let empower us for a stronger impact on society!”

Todd Davey

A/Prof. in Entrepreneurship at the Institut Mines Telecom Business School

If civilisation is in a race between science and catastrophe, then making value of scientific research is essential. The STEM scientific fields are especially crucial to solving some of the biggest challenges faced by mankind today and we need to find better and faster ways of ‘valorising’ them.

Helen McGuirk

Head of the Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence, School of Business, Munster Technological University

The project will provide STEM researchers with the tools and knowledge to create tangible benefits for their career, the economy and untimately society. The holistic approach of the project will have far reaching impacts.

Who are the first stage STEM researchers?

First Stage Researcher (R1) - up to the point of PhD. This profile includes individuals doing research under supervision in industry, research institutes or universities. It includes doctoral candidates (Euraxess, The European Commission)





What are we trying to achieve?

The goal of STEM Valorise project is to raise entrepreneurial competences and capabilities in of the first stage STEM
researchers in order to make stronger social impact through the valorisation of their research; whilst providing educational means for
technical universities to train their STEM researchers in valorisation and entrepreneurship

Investigating into needs for valorisation and research-driven entrepreneurship training and best-practice examples across Europe

Showcasing successful as well as unsuccessful stories & experiences of the STEM academic entrepreneurs

Designing a modularised valorisation training programme and the training toolkit

Pilot-testing the programme and validating the toolkit among a cohort of first stage STEM researchers

Our resources

The Valorisation Training Investigation Report is a free access downloadable report which provides a comprehensive understanding of the needs for valorisation and research-driven entrepreneurship training for first stage STEM researchers.

The Valorisation Training Programme is a training programme for valorisation and academic entrepreneurship skills development for STEM researchers.

The Valorisation Training Toolkit will consist of a facilitator guide and a collection of tools for valorisation in STEM.

The Digital Library is a free access digital database of Success and Fail Stories of Academic STEM Entrepreneurs.

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